PHatea® – Health Naturally® from the Silk Road to America

Welcome to our blog! Please check back often as we relate both scientific and anecdotal evidence of the traditional PHatea’s effect on modern day disease – Type 2 diabetes, stress, metabolic disorders, cholesterol, weight loss, sugar cravings, blood pressure and more.

We will update and educate our friends and customers about the remarkable benefits of a treasure tea that made its way along China’s Silk Road from the Hunan Province to Tibet in the 1400s. PHatea has sustained and healed the Tibetan people whose diet consisted of high-fat and barley with few vegetables for over 500 years.

Like a gyet ma – an ancient treasure text karmically ordained to surface in times of crises– PHatea has surfaced now in America. Middle jaio xiao ke syndrome (diabetes) is running rampant. Children are suffering from obesity. Racial and ethnic groups have a higher likelihood of developing diabetes or the complications of diabetes, like kidney disease, eye disease, coronary artery disease and mortality.

As we face this crisis, more and more people are turning to traditional healing methods. PHatea has been shown to promote normal blood sugar levels, normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels. PHatea accelerates energy, metabolism and weight loss while reducing sugar cravings and stress. We urge you to take our 100-day challenge and see if you, too, can improve your Health Naturally.

Along the way, we’d like to share stories of Pha, the second son of a Chinese Tea Master in the Hunan Province, on his first journey to Tibet in search of fortune. We’ll follow Pha’s adventures when he makes a dark accident work in his favor and truly earns the fortune of his name. Then read the story of how we discovered the tea and brought it to America.
Share with us the journey of PHatea’s clients, history and friends as they take back their health, naturally.


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