You Can Lower Diabetes and Cholesterol Levels with Ancient Tea Medicine

Tea culture in China has had thousands of years to evolve. The closest we, in the US, come to the kind of culture tea enjoys in China are numerous coffee shops we have and the attending rituals around them. In China tea ware has always been selected with care and used with reverence. There are rituals like offering tea to a visitor immediately upon their arrival. And not filling the cup to the brim to leave room for friendship. Sharing tea is acknowledging togetherness.

But Tea was also a medicine. A curative that didn’t just owe its success to the warmth and soothing benefits a cup of tea brings when you’re sick. Some teas can actually cure and control illness. PHatea® is an ancient tea whose medicinal purposes were discovered by accident, whose recipe was literally buried, but found and resurrected in a 32-step process that is helping people in both China and America to fight poor health and diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity.

We’d like to share with you this remarkable story as we would share with you a cup of our tea. We drink to your health and life.

Once there was a Tea Master, Wei, who had two sons, Liwei, meaning profit and greatness and Pha, meaning fortune. In his lifetime Wei saw his city become the center of China. Money was abundant, honor was to be had. This Tea Master was fortunate indeed.

With his two sons he took his father’s recipe for growing tea and expanded all his holdings. He bought the best leaves, he had the most efficient process; his sons competed to distribute the tea the farthest and the fastest. If there was one small dark spot in Wei’s universe it was that his sons were not friends. They did not celebrate one another’s greatness or achievements. When one succeeded the other was sour. But life was so good that Wei could dismiss that one disappointment and not dwell on the creeping thoughts that he, himself, had set them at each other by the way he raised them.

One day, when Pha was a young man, after a particularly sour patch at Liwei’s success in introducing their family tea to several towns more than a day’s ride away, Pha had an idea. The next day when Liwei was safely on the road to his new customers, Pha approached his father to tell him about the grandest idea he’d ever had.

Since this was a time of plenty and a time of exploration, more and more merchants were reaching out to towns, cities, even countries that were a many-days-journey away. Pha asked if he could take as much tea as his team could carry to the west on the Silk Road to trade and sell along the way.

Wei was surprised at his second son. It was an idea worthy of his first son, which made it all the more pleasing to think about. So, plans were made, tea production stepped up to make the bricks Pha would carry with him, maps were procured, supplies were laid, servants were hired.

All the while Liwei watched. A fool’s errand he thought first, then, a legendary journey, he thought as he vacillated from dismissing his brother’s idea to being furious he hadn’t thought of it first. In the end, he didn’t think of it, he concluded, because he would never go on a journey that long and that far, leaving his brother to take over his territory and more. In the end Liwei could genuinely clap his brother on the back and watch him ride away, happy that Pha was doing what he wanted and happy for himself that any plans he might put into effect here wouldn’t have Pha to work around.

And so Pha began his journey with bricks and bricks of his father’s tea. Stay tuned for more to see how Pha’s quick thinking cured the king of diabetes….

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