Type 2 Diabetes – Don’t be Afraid to Hope

I recently posted some results PHatea® is having with our diabetes clients. Someone had posed a question on a diabetes chat room about conflicting information he received regarding his own type 2 diabetes. He said the American Diabetes Association has suggested keeping blood glucose levels at 180 two hours after eating, but his doctor was telling him his blood glucose levels should be at 140 two hours after eating. I chimed in to say that we were able to get our patients below 100 – basically reversing their diabetes.

To the response I got, all I have to say is: YIKES!!!

I was blasted as spreading bull and confusing the newbies – perpetuating lies that diabetes can be reversed. It was quite clear that I stirred that long-dead pot of hope so many people have abandoned when they were diagnosed with an incurable condition.

It was not my intention of causing pain for anyone to suggest that there may be a way they can recapture their life. My intention was to educate. To resurrect the hope that diabetes is not a life sentence. This is not a fad or a gimmick. Both the Chinese and the Americans have research that supports what our patients are finding.

I know the feeling of having a condition that western medicine has said can’t be cured. That I need to learn to manage my condition. I was advised to have a surgery that might possibly force me to learn how to walk again. I was told that after the surgery I would be completely deaf in one ear and never have balance in the dark. In my particular condition, and in my particular stage of this disease, I did not accept that I couldn’t reverse it or send it into remission or change my world enough so that it became a nonissue. I did not have the surgery. That was fifteen years ago.

What I do accept is the knowledge that I now have the propensity to suffer from this autoimmune condition if I don’t do what I can to achieve my optimal health. I do accept that in the past I have had autoimmune episodes. But I’m not going to curl up, label myself with this condition and figure out how to live with it.

But this isn’t about me.

I admit, I don’t have diabetes myself. But we have patients that do. Our patients follow a diet that is not the Carb-rich official diet of the ADA. To be fair, recently I have seen articles from the ADA questioning the wisdom of a high carb diet for a diabetic. I read some of their menus and it just seems common sense to me if you have diabetes that waffles and fruit for breakfast probably isn’t the best choice. But I digress….

We recommend our patients eat a balanced, low-fat, lower carb diet. They drink PHatea® and exercise. Some get acupuncture too.

Recently, a sixty-seven-year-old patient of ours tested his blood sugar at 97. He was told he would never get his blood glucose levels so low. He drinks PHatea®, eats right, walks two miles a day and is extraordinarily grateful to be healthy so he can watch his grandchildren grow.

It does work. It’s ok to hope.

Diabetes is not a life-sentence. Try PHatea®. What if it could work for you?

Tell you what – if the person that posted the blastiest blast contacts me – you know who you are – I’ll sponsor you to take our 100-day challenge. Let’s create a diet and exercise plan. We’ll send you free PHatea® and we’ll talk in 100 days. I’m on your side and I believe you can do it.

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