American Diabetes Association Legislation Survey

I just filled out an American Diabetes Association (ADA) survey Help Shape Our 2012 Federal and State Legislative Priorities.

Obviously I agree that more funding for research is necessary. The health care reform passed in 2010 for people who are underinsured or are seeking insurance needs to be defended. Discrimination issues need to be addressed; driver’s license policies that lump all diabetes patients into one category need to be opposed. Students with diabetes need to manage their treatment at school; officials need to be trained in case of emergency.

What I found interesting was the fourth bullet point in their Federal Funding for Research and Diabetes Prevention Programs: “Seek innovative ways to increase the overall federal funding dedicated to diabetes research and prevention….”

What I would have liked to have seen was: Seek innovative ways to increase federal funding dedicated to educating diabetes and pre-diabetes diagnosed patients to not only manage but reverse their conditions.

When some people are doing exactly that, shouldn’t there be interest and funding and conversation to spread that word?

In the priorities listed there is a tone of acceptance of the condition as non-reversible. We, at PHatea® and Whole Health have seen diabetic and pre-diabetic patients lower their blood glucose levels below 100. In a time when western doctors are recommending carb-rich diets and asking their patients to get their blood sugar down to 140, thereby still leaving their patients at risk for diabetes-related disease, there are others who are drinking our tea, changing their diet, managing their exercise and doing what western medicine says is impossible.

I don’t have diabetes so I can’t know how debilitating and hopeless the condition must seem. What I do know is I’ve seen it change for people who were told it wouldn’t.

I wrote my opinion to the ADA.

I think more and more people are not accepting the current management option and are seeking ways to reverse their condition. I’ve read unofficial statements that scientists associated with the ADA will admit there are ways to do this. One is an article in WebMD about very low calorie diets that can get rid of fat in the pancreas and reverse diabetes.

David M. Kendall, MD, says: “substantial calorie reduction can be very effective in rapidly improving diabetic control, especially in people who are obese.” But he goes on to say more research is necessary because the diet isn’t practical. PHatea® has been successful when used with a low-fat alkaline diet. And not one so calorie-restricted.

For more on this read:

CNN Health reports Reversing Diabetes is Possible


WebMD has an article in their Diabetes Health Center: How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Try PHatea®. It works.

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