PHatea and Almonds Lower Blood Glucose

Diabetic Live reports that today, almost 26 million Americans suffer from diabetes. By 2025 almost 8% of the world’s population will have diabetes. They also report two studies show a common food can help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Eating a one-ounce serving of almonds after a meal can lower levels and help manage type 2 diabetes.

Studies of PHatea have also shown that regular consumption of the Chinese dark tea doesn’t just regulate the blood sugar of the meal just consumed but lowers overall blood glucose levels, cholesterol levels, reduces sugar cravings and promotes weight loss.

The Chinese people have been consuming fermented camellia sinesis tea (called PHatea in America) for hundreds of years as a medical aid to assist people whose diet consisted of high animal fat and low vegetable content.

The recipe for PHatea was discovered by accident by a quick-thinking traveling merchant. When his offering to the King in a Tibetan territory in the 1500s proved to have fermented and dried in a process that occurred during a long journey from the Hunan Province to Tibet, he assured the king’s men that the tea was supposed to be that way. A medicinal tea he promised. The diet in Tibet at that time consisted of yak meat, yak milk and yak cheese with very few vegetables. Stomach problems and ill health were the norm. When the king consumed the tea and it settled his stomach, the tea was pronounced a treasure and PHatea was born.

Today, just as then, PHatea is helping patients all over the world to lower their blood glucose levels, lose weight and lower cholesterol. After being tested in both Chinese and American studies, PHatea (fermented camellia sinesis) has been proven to assist patients with type 2 diabetes not only manage their condition but reverse it in a way that isn’t supposed to be possible.

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