UN Meeting on Diabetes and Other Diseases

On September 19th the UN will meet in New York to discuss noncommunicable disease. Representatives from around the world will address the growing epidemic of preventable diseases like diabetes. Reuters reports every seven seconds someone in the world dies of complications from diabetes.

At our Whole Health practice we see patients whose doctors have told them that a blood glucose reading of 140 is what they should shoot for. Some say 180. In reality anything above a 100 still leaves the patient at risk for complications due to diabetes.

The global meeting’s outline indicates that countries will be discussing increased healthcare, tracking statistics and monitoring data, strengthening communication, limiting access to food, alcohol and tobacco products. All of these are welcome subjects to discuss.

Other areas to focus on might be:

  • An aggressive campaign to test and treat people who might have prediabetes and not know it.
  • Education on diet, exercise and alternative treatments.
  • Adopting a research attitude for products or systems that reverse diabetes and not just manage diabetes.
  • Setting realistic guidelines that don’t leave patients at risk.

PHatea® and Whole Health are having success with patients lowering their glucose levels to a safe number (under 100). Studies are being published that that show PHatea has beneficial effects in lowering blood glucose and cholesterol.

This worldwide discussion opens the topic but there much more to be done.

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