Don’t Let Diabetes be Part of Hispanic Heritage Month

According to the Office of Minority Health, the Hispanic adult population is almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than non-Hispanic white adults. Twice as likely. The Hispanic population is taking a huge hit in what constitutes a national epidemic of diabetes and its related illnesses. The Hispanic population has more people at risk, more people diagnosed, more people suffering from diabetes.

If you know someone who might be at risk, convince them that getting tested is the first step to taking back their health. Family history can show risk. Being overweight can also be a signal that diabetes may already be present.

If they aren’t already diabetic but their blood glucose is over 125, they will be diagnosed with prediabetes. Finding out you are prediabetic is like winning the lottery. Prediabetes can be turned around. Changes made now might keep you from ever being diagnosed with diabetes.

Once tested, if someone is at risk or has been diagnosed with either prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, they will need to answer a question – how aggressively do they want to fight for their health?

A diagnosis of diabetes does not have to be a death sentence.

Get educated. Western medicine considers a blood glucose level of 125 to be safe. Yet at 125 patients are still at risk of suffering heart disease, kidney disease and neuropathy as a side effect of the original diabetes disease. Even though blood sugar levels are considered low enough by western medical standards, it is paramount that you get educated about risks you are taking by staying at between 100 and 125.

No matter what your health plan, whether you seek alternative medicine, experiment with your diet and/or embrace exercise, one thing you can do for yourself is drink PHatea. One liter a day added to your current diabetes, prediabetes or at-risk regiment can make an enormous difference in how your body reacts to this disease. Both Chinese and American studies have shown PHatea is instrumental in lowering blood glucose levels.

During Hispanic Heritage Month it’s time to say Stop Diabetes. So get tested. Get educated. Get PHatea.

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