Diabetes and PH Balance

If you have a chronic condition like diabetes, chances are you are also more acidic than alkaline. A body that is acidic is ripe for developing disease and complications like kidney disease, liver disease and cancer.

Since the body is made of 70% water, keeping the balance of acid vs alkaline is important. There are  positively charged minerals and negatively charged minerals in our body. Our bodies are designed to run more alkaline than acidic. When the body is more acidic it will look for alkaline minerals to react with. If it can’t find any it will take them wherever it can find them – the liver, muscles, bones etc. That leaves room for disease. A more acidic body may also store extra acid in fat cells thereby making it hard to shed weight.

Testing PH is as simple as buying test strips and testing urine or saliva. The color of the strip matches to the color on the box and can tell you if your system is more alkaline or acidic. Once you know, you can begin to change your diet to achieve the proper balance.

Because of our highly processed diet and because of the over indulgence in sweets and fast foods, most American’s suffer from an imbalance leaning toward the acidic side. Eating more vegetables, less processed foods and less sugar can shift the balance toward alkalinity.

There are online charts and books that list PH foods and suggest which to eat depending on where your system tests. I have found conflicting information on the web as to which foods fall on which side, so, as with all things, it’s best to test, track and adjust to find the foods that will help you achieve a good PH balance.

When someone is diabetic, of course, there is an added layer of difficulty in achieving the proper balance of not only PH but glucose levels too. Finding an expert or a nutritionist who has experience working with PH and diabetes can be important. Trying various natural aids that exist might also be helpful in developing the program that will work for you.

PHatea has been shown to balance both PH levels and blood glucose levels as well as controlling food cravings and promoting weight loss. Take our 100-day challenge and see if PHatea works with the program you have developed to keep you in your best health.

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