PHatea® 100% Natural Chinese Dark Tea

Promotes Normal:  Cholesterol, Blood Sugar for Type 2 Diabetes, Blood Pressure 
  Metabolism, Weight Loss, Energy Level 
Reduces:  Sugar Cravings, Stress Level

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labelThe production of Chinese PHatea® is a time honored, traditional, multi-step process dating back some 500 years in the Hunan province of China. The process itself can take over a year in its entirety, from picking of the leaves to the final product, producing a post-fermented brick tea that improves with age. There are no additives to PHatea® and the primary difference in this particular tea is a natural fermentation of the leaves during processing giving PHatea® the dubious honor of being called “the mysterious tea on the Chinese Ancient Silk Road”.

This long process is a complex production of more than 30 procedures, most of which are kept secret from the public by the Chinese Government, and results in the formation of what is called the Golden Flower living within the final tea product.

There are no known side effects of PHatea and results may vary on an individual basis.